Delivery Information

All Orders Placed on include FREE DELIVERY

Just placed an order when should it arrive?

We generally dispatch orders every day, so if order placed by 2pm generally it will go out the same day. However it may be dispatched the following day depending on volume of orders.

I placed my order a few days ago but it’s not arrived?

If you have placed your order and you are getting worried that it’s not arrived, please give it a full 10 working days before you contact us.

With Royal Mail we cannot guarantee expected delivery times, some local post offices are slower than others and we have to give Royal Mail a full 10 working days before we can claim it as lost in post. If within 10 full working days of placing your order it has not arrived please contact us with your order number and we will look into your order for you.

How does my order arrive and who delivers it?

All orders are sent out First Class. All deliveries are made by Royal Mail.

Your order will arrive in a plain unmarked Jiffy Bag, which will have only your Address On the Front, there will be no mention of its contents and no mention of Johnnys In A Jiffy, website etc anywhere on your package.

My Package has arrived and is badly damaged?

If you have received an order through the post, and when the package arrives the jiffy bag has been badly damaged in transit, or appears to have been tampered with in anyway please contact us ASAP and do not use any of the products.

Due to the type of products we supply, if the packaging in which it has been sent, has been badly damaged we advise that the products are NOT used. Contact us immediately, and we will arrange new products to be sent out in exchange.